Breastfeeding kit

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The perfect set to help get the breastfeeding journey off to a smooth start and ensure mom has everything she needs while breastfeeding at home and on the move! No batteries required! All products are full sized. No sample sizes. All brand products are dependent on stock availability, should any item be unavailable a product of equal value and quality will be used.

Set includes:

  1. Nipple cream
  2. Pack of tissues
  3. Disposable nursing pads 24’s
  4. Mobile charger bank
  5. Feeding pillow
  6. Waterbottle
  7. Handsfree silicone breastpump
  8. Breast milk storage bags 25’s
  9. Breastfeed friendly bottle
  10. Rehidrate sachet
  11. Custom Bib, spitty and carseat/nursing cover * Carseat is not included.
  12. Baggin Babes Branded Tote bag


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