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Mom and Baby Hospital Bag Combo

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This set includes everything a mother will need for her and baby’s hospital stay for birth and recovery. All products are full sized. No sample sizes. All brand products are dependent on stock availability, should any item be unavailable a product of equal value and quality will be used.

Set includes:

  1. Baggin Babes branded Tote bag
  2. Baggin Babes branded Diaper bag
  3. Sorted momma organizational folder with baby tracker, linen and towel checklist, various lists and cheat sheets to help get mom sorted and give her the peace of mind that she has everything she might require, additional information on breastfeeding, the golden hour, milestones etc
  4. Water bottle
  5. Miltons sterilizer
  6. Nipple cream
  7. Surgical Spirits
  8. Cotton face cloth
  9. Ladies disposable underwear (2 pack of 2 pairs)
  10. Earbuds
  11. Lip balm
  12. Loofah
  13. Pack of Tissues (2)
  14. Rehidrate sachets (2)
  15. Bodywash
  16. Body cream moisturiser
  17. Shampoo and conditioner 2in1
  18. Organic cotton balls
  19. Toothbrush
  20. Toothpaste
  21. Mouthwash
  22. Hand sanitizer
  23. Styling gel
  24. Dry Shampoo
  25. Hair comb
  26. Hair pins
  27. Hair elastics
  28. Antiperspirant spray
  29. Disposable nursing pads 24’s
  30. Maternity pads
  31. Linen savers (2 packs)
  32. Antiperspirant roll on
  33. Headphones (without microphone)
  34. Power bank 2600mah
  35. Nail grooming kit
  36. Notebook
  37. Black pen
  38. Breath freshener
  39. Aqueous Cream
  40. Dummy Sterilizer Spray
  41. Top to toe baby wash
  42. Nappy bags
  43. Nappy cream
  44. Wet wipes
  45. Newborn Nappies 22pc
  46. Surgical spirits
  47. Vaseline
  48. Baby nail grooming kit
  49. Coconut oil


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